Dear Congregant,

The Annual Congregational Meeting is on Sunday, April 29 at 10:00am after the morning minyan. Please be sure to attend this very important meeting to vote for the Beth El members that have been selected to serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, a light breakfast will be served.

As far as the work on the Nominating Committee, they carefully considered a number of congregants to serve on the Board of Directors. They looked for people who would serve as role models and ambassadors for the congregation. They also sought to choose candidates from various parts of the congregation that make up the Beth El Community.

After careful consideration, these congregants have been recommended to fill expiring or open position on the Board of Directors:

  1. Herb Dreiseszun*
  2. Charleen Holt*
  3. Zachary Kramer
  4. Kim Mertens*
  5. Mayra Ramos
  6. Shelli Silver
  7. Susan Weiner
  8. Sara Zilversmit

*Current Board Members with terms up for renewal this year.

A petition of at least 20 members in good standing may offer additional nominations. Such petitions must be made prior to the annual Board of Directors election and in accordance with the other provisions of the by-laws (which are available in the office).

Biographies of the above candidates are included. We encourage you to attend the meeting and to place your vote.


David Goldfarb

Nominating Committee Chair

Beth El Board of Directors