Synagogue Staff

Zachary Hoffman | Executive Director | (602) 944-3359 ext. 109

Zachary Hoffman grew up in synagogues and has made a career in synagogue administration. After working at shuls in Houston, Atlanta, Newport Beach, and La Jolla, Zachary understands that synagogue administration is holy work and is thankful the commitment of the members, and tireless work of the Board and Staff.

Zachary and his wife Samantha enjoy watching sports, seeing musicals and going to concerts, but spend most of their time working in their respective Jewish professions. Samantha is the Communications Director for Camp Mountain Chai and spends her summers out of the Phoenix sun and in the San Bernardino mountains.

Zachary joined our staff in May 2018 and enjoys talking about sports, Jewish ritual, synagogues, and technology. We are thrilled to have him anchoring our team of dedicated professionals and know that he represents the future of the American Synagogue.

Alicia Moskowitz | Program Coordinator | (602) 944-3359 ext. 113

Alicia Moskowitz is a native of Phoenix who joined Beth El’s sphere in 2005. She joined the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class of 2006 and became a Bat Mitzvah on Shavuot with the rest of her class. Alicia and her husband, Aaron, were married in Beth El’s beautiful sanctuary in 2008.

Professionally, Alicia has worked in the marketing field for 14 years at businesses and non-profit organizations in Phoenix. She loves bringing her creative ideas to life through graphic design, event planning, and collaborating with her colleagues. She is dedicated to strengthening the future of the Jewish Community in Phoenix through facilitating connections among organizations and people who share the mission of cultivating Klal Yisrael.

Alicia and Aaron enjoy attending concerts, young family activities and traveling. They have two young children who attend Beth El’s preschool and Talmud Torah. They are devoted to their children’s religious and secular educations and love spending time at Beth El as a family.

Korina Springer | Office Manager | (602) 944-3359 ext. 106

Korina Springer came to Beth El in June 2008. She has 20 years of experience in the non-profit world including her time at Beth El. While working at the State of Arizona, Korina was certified in Public Procurement which helps her to search for the best prices on our office supplies! Korina is also certified in Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and utilizes these “highly effective” organizational skills to improve Beth El’s office efficiently on a daily basis. Working at Beth El is very rewarding to Korina, and she considers many of the members of her family.

When she is not in the office, Korina enjoys reading, playing mahjong, and collecting Garfield-themed items. She is a proud mother and grandmother who enjoys spending time with her family in the Phoenix area. Korina’s grandson attended Beth El’s Pre-K program which prepared him to enter Kindergarten this year.

Nina Zamoshkin | Accounting | (602) 944-3359 ext. 111

Nina Zamoshkin came to Phoenix with her family in 1990 from the Soviet Union as a Jewish Refugee with the help of the Jewish Federation of Phoenix. Utilizing her Master’s Degree in Economics and Accounting, Nina worked as the Accounting Manager at the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix for 16 years. She came to Beth El in 2009 and enjoys helping our members and staff with all of their financial questions.

Nina and her husband Igor, a retired engineer, enjoy traveling and spending time with their family and friends. Nina’s emphasis on education has resulted in both of her children also attaining Masters Degrees in their chosen fields. She is a proud “babushka” of three granddaughters—two who have attended Beth El’s preschool and one who currently attends Beth El’s Talmud Torah.

Early Childhood Center Staff

Joanie Charnow | Preschool Director | (602) 944-2464

Joanie Charnow has lived in Arizona since she was 10 months old.  Her family joined Beth El Congregation when she was 4 years old, and she grew up in our Hebrew School.  Joanie graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Teaching is her passion, and she started her teaching career in 1976. Joanie came back to Beth El as a Pre-K teacher for 8 years in the 1990’s before moving on to be the Director of Early Childhood Education at the Valley of the Sun JCC’s Preschool in Scottsdale.  Joanie has come full circle and is now back here as the Director of Beth El’s Early Childhood Center.

Joanie has one daughter and two grandchildren who live in Tucson. She enjoys spending time with her mother and sister’s family here in the Phoenix area and visits her sister in California when she gets the chance.

Ros Slovin, Office Administrator | (602) 944-2464

Ros Slovin is originally from South Africa and attended the University of Cape Town. She has lived with her family in Phoenix for the past 22 years—19 of them working at Beth El! The first three years of her career at Beth El she worked in the Youth Department and then transferred to the Preschool where she has remained for the past 16 years. She adores the children and feels very fortunate to be around them all day every day.

Ros lives in North Central Phoenix with her husband, Martin. They love spending time with their young grandchildren who both attend Beth El’s preschool. Ros enjoys reading and is a regular visitor to the library.

Preschool Teachers

Talmud Torah Staff

Nanci Siegel Manson | Director of Education and Youth | (602) 944-3359 ext. 123

Nanci Siegel Manson is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and has lived in Phoenix for the past 24 years. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education. Nanci has worked for the Valley of the Sun JCC as a Camp Director and as the Assistant Director in the Early Childhood Center. Prior to joining Beth El, Nanci developed the preschool at Har Zion in Scottsdale over 18 years ago. She served for three years as their Director of Education, responsible for both the preschool and religious school.

Nanci lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Roy, and has 4 grown children.  Nanci is an avid jazzerciser and Roy enjoys a good golf game. They both enjoy watching movies, both old and new. She loves to visit her family around the country and playing with her grand puppies.

Wendy Adair | Education Department Assistant | (602) 944-2464 ext. 122

Wendy Adair is a native of Arizona who grew up in Phoenix belonging to Temple Beth Israel growing up. Prior to her employment at Beth El, she retired from a career in Law Enforcement as a Parole and Probation Officer having worked in both the Arizona State Corrections department and then in Lane County Oregon’s Corrections Department. She has worked in women’s prisons, men’s prisons, and in community corrections.

After returning to Phoenix (from Eugene, Oregon) following her retirement, Wendy decided to join Beth El Congregation to be with her family who was already members. It was here at Beth El that she found a comforting and spiritual home. In 2005, Wendy joined the Beth El Staff as an Administrative Assistant of the Education Department. Working at Beth El strengthens her connection to Judaism, and she learns a lot from her colleagues as well as from the entire Beth El Community.  Being a part of the Talmud Torah Community is one of the highlights of her day-to-day living as she states, “I feel so fortunate to work at a place that I love being a part of!”

Wendy passes on her love of Judaism and learning to her beloved grandchildren. She and her family just celebrated her fourth grandson becoming a Bar Mitzvah! Also this summer, she had the pleasure of seeing off her three grandsons and one granddaughter at the airport for a 4-week Jewish Summer Camp experience at Camp Ramah in Ojai, California.

Talmud Torah Teachers