July 17, 2020

Dear Fellow Congregants

These continue to be uncertain times for you, our congregation, and the community.  Since my last message, the number of people infected with the disease just in our state has increased from nearly 54,000 to more than 134,000.  At this same time, the number of loved ones lost to this disease has increased by nearly 1,000, from 1,342 to nearly 2,492.  This is a serious disease that needs to be taken seriously.  And it is.

The Board of Directors met on July 15 and spent much of time asking the same questions many have been asking, most of which start with “when.” 

We’re working on it.  But we need your help.  Please remember that throughout, Beth El is open to serve its members and the community as a whole.  As we did on Father’s Day with our lunch bag food drive.  As we will do on July 26 with our snack food drive.  As we do every day with Minyan on Zoom and on FaceBook on Shabbat.  With our calls from the Chesed Committee.  And more. 

While we miss praying, learning, and celebrating in person, this period of being apart will pass, and the opportunity for us to gather ‘round will become normal again.  Still, we ask ourselves, and you are asking, when will we return to the way we were? 

Here’s where you come in.  There’s an unmet need out there that we aim to fill.  Our question is this:  what is that need?  Next week, you’ll have the chance to answer that question – and a few more.  You will be receiving a survey that will ask for your preferences and suggestions about Beth El’s offerings while our careful approach to the pandemic continues.  Please take the time to read and answer the survey.  And if we didn’t ask the question you thought we should ask, tell us that question – and your answer – too.

Please save the date for our Virtual Town Hall Meeting to discuss the survey results on Wednesday, August 12 at 6:30 pm.

Shabbat Shalom,

Greg Harris