Dear Congregants,

Believe it or not, the High Holy Days are almost here and I believe this will be the most fulfilling High Holy Day experiences of my life.

As you know, there are many moving pieces to Beth El’s High Holy Day celebrations. I commend the job done by our administration in the past and truly understand how much hard work goes into making these High Holy Days smooth, comfortable, and meaningful.

The most important piece of the High Holy Day experience is our ushers. They are our ambassadors of Beth El to our guests and community. Cantor Angress has expressed that from the Bima, he is eternally grateful for our ushers, and sees hundreds of positive interactions between them and all who visit to Beth El

I hope that you, and all members, sign up for an ushering shift for a portion of services. It is important that we work together to make sure our High Holy Day experience is as meaningful as possible.

Below you’ll find our HHD 2018/5779 Usher Sign-up form; after you sign up, we will contact you for more detailed information regarding ushering assignments, schedules, and responsibilities.

There are several ways to sign up.

  1. Go to and sign up online.
  2. Fill out the form below and mail it back to the Beth El office.
  3. Email or call the Beth El office at or (602)944-3359 and let us know the shift you’d prefer.


Zachary Hoffman

Executive Director