Beth El is a multifaceted, intergenerational community devoted to helping its members find joy and become better people through Torah and the traditions of the Jewish people. Our goal is to foster individual and collective spiritual and intellectual growth in a warm atmosphere of friendship and community—in a Jewish home in which all feel welcome to join and participate, and in which we care for each other and share prayer, lifecycle events, social action, and other experiences.

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Since our establishment in 1930 Beth El Congregation has been a home for Phoenix’s Jewish community. If you grew up in a Conservative synagogue, you’ll find Beth El’s ritual very familiar, and if you didn’t; we look forward to learning and growing together as we celebrate the Jewish year.

If you are a member you: 

  1. Have a place to go when you need company, friends, and community.
  2. Have a place to participate in Jewish ritual and programming.
  3. Have a support system of clergy and staff who will cater to your needs as pertaining to your synagogue experience.

We invite all who wish to become members of Beth El for the first time to join with a contribution of $500 for their first year and guarantee that all who wish to be a part of Beth El will be welcome and able to join regardless of financial ability.


To sustain our home, we ask for additional contributions to our building fund and security fund. You’ll find these recommended donation opportunities at the end of this application.


        Single Adult Household                                            Family Household

Ages 22-25                       No Charge                        Ages 22-25           No Charge

         26-28                     $ 500                                         26-28                     $ 675

         29-31                     $ 650                                        29-31                     $1,100

         32-34                     $1,000                                      32-34                     $1,800

         35+                        $1,150                                      35+                        $2,000


Associate          $ 600                                       Associate                 $ 800


The Mitzvah of being a Golden Giver

Our Golden Givers play a critical role in helping Beth El Congregation be a spiritual home for all who desire access to Judaism. It is because of the elevated membership and High Holiday appeal generosity of our Golden Givers that Beth El is able to offer relevant and innovative programming to ensure a strong Jewish future. Golden givers receive a recognition plaque on our Jerusalem Wall, reserved seats for High Holidays, and High Holiday honors.


Gibborim (Heroes)     $3,600 over dues

Shomrim (Guardians) $1,800 over dues

Chaverim (Friends)    $1,000 over dues