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Log your Mitzvah Mileage

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Ki Tavo

No Better Time than Now   Dear Friends,   This Shabbat we read from Parashat Ki Tavo (“When you enter [the Land of Israel]”).  In this Parasha we are taught:   Today the Lord your God commands you to do these statutes and ordinances; you shall therefore observe and do them with all your heart…Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Ki Tetzei

How to Treat Your Nest Egg Dear Friends, This Shabbat we read Parashat Ki Tetzei (“When you go out [to war]”).  There is no Torah portion which contains more Mitzvot than Ki Tetzei as 74 of the 613 commandments are enumerated in this Parasha.   Among these many laws, there can be found several Mitzvot…Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Shof’tim

Waste Not   Dear Friends,   This week we read Parashat Shof’tim (Judges) which contains many of our 613 Mitzvot.  Among those Mitzvot we read about how judges are chosen and how they must always eschew any form of bribery.   But there are other commandments that we learn in this Parasha.  For example, there…Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: R’eih

Tzedakah Trumps Charity Dear Friends, This week’s Torah portion, R’eih (“behold” or “see”) instructs us: “If there shall be an impoverished person from among you or any of your brethren in your cities… you shall not harden your heart nor close your hand against your destitute brother.  Rather you should surely give to him and…Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Eikev

Sometimes it’s the Small Stuff   Dear Friends,   This week we will read Parashat Eikev from the book of Deuteronomy.  In it, Moses continues with his farewell addresses to the Jewish People and reminds the Israelites to adhere to the laws of the Torah in order to maintain their unique relationship to the Almighty. …Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Va-ethannan

The Kotzker Rebbe and Black Lives Matter   Dear Friends, This week’s Torah portion, Va-ethannan, contains two very famous passages, the Shema and the Ten commandments.  But this Parasha also includes Moses’ final request of God before he dies. As you know, even though Moses had led the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and through the…Read More

Rabbi’s Weekly Message: Shabbat D’varim/Tisha B’Av

Life in the “Fast” Lane Dear Friends, This Shabbat we begin reading from the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy) which recounts Moses’ final days and his farewell addresses to the people he had shepherded for forty years.  According to Jewish tradition, there has never, nor will there ever be, a prophet with greater prophetic powers.  He…Read More