A Novel by Steve Weitzenkorn

Did a Jewish woman, buried in the sweep of history, write many of Shakespeare’s plays? Delve into the life of Amelia Bassano Lanyer (1569 – 1645): a “feminist” centuries before the word was coined. The marks of her authorship are woven into the novel’s plot, as they appear in scripts attributed to Shakespeare.

Shunned by theater owners as an unworthy exotic woman, Amelia seals a risky pact with young Shakespeare—but embeds a trail of clues inside the scripts hoping she’ll be discovered. Suspicions arise. Sniffing deception, jealous playwrights ask vexing questions. Under pressure to maintain the pretense, Amelia encounters grave dangers, hostility, and moral dilemmas, while fearing her Jewish heritage will be revealed in a world of double standards. 

Amelia Bassano Lanyer became England’s first published female poet with her treatise challenging the treatment of women. The title: Salve Deus Rex Judæorum. Learn more and read reviews at

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