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Talmud Torah Hebrew School


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Beth El Talmud Torah provides meaningful Jewish learning for all ages, focused on Jewish values and Torah ideals.  Our highly qualified staff inspire students to become life-long learners and proud Jews.  We cultivate a caring, child-centered environment, with a strong emphasis on recognizing individual learning styles.  Each student is challenged to reach their potential and encouraged to take on Mitzvot to make a strong bond to Judaism as a way of life.  Our family education programming creates authentic Jewish family experiences for all ages and all members participating.  Talmud Torah graduates go on to actively participate in their communities beyond Beth El with a strong sense of kinship to the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael.  

What we Offer

  • Classes from Kindergarten to 8th grade
  • Hebrew program tailored to each student’s level and needs
  • Student-led prayer services
  • Tzedakah and Tikun Olam projects integrated into the curriculum stressing the importance of helping others
  • Family Education programming
  • School-wide holiday celebrations
  • B’nai Mitzvah training with Clergy
  • Madrichim/Bogrim program for graduates of the school


Class Schedule:

  • K-7th Grade: Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon
  • Madrichim/Bogrim program meets twice monthly 


Registration open now:



Our Curriculum

Mechina - Pre-K & Kindergarden 

  • Students learn about the world of Jewish Holidays and the Hebrew Alphabet
  • Exploring basic Jewish concepts and rituals
  • Stories, music, games, and puzzles bring lessons to life
  • Lessons about Shabbat and the fundamentals of the Synagogue


Alef - First Grade

  • Increased familiarity with Hebrew Alphabet through visual and entertaining lessons
  • Students are taught an integrated curriculum includeing Torah, Prayer, Israel, History, and Holidays
  • Reinforcement of basic vocabulary and concepts in Jewish living
  • Students are challenged to discover their own path to a relationship with G-d, Torah, and Judaism


Bet & Gimmel - Second  & Third Grade

  • In Bet class, students learn to read and to write Hebrew. We enhance our program by learning the weekly Torah portion. We study the Jewish holidays beginning with the Fall Holidays and continue through Passover and Shavuot, including Shabbat as well.
  • We also learn about the country of Israel- it’s history , the people, geography and the cities that make up this unique  and special country. Our program is enhanced with singing, weekly Tefillah with the whole school, art projects, cooking activities, meaningful game activities, etc.
  • In Gimel class, we continue these  same activities, and move on to learning prayers. We discover the history of each prayer, the meaning of the words of the prayers, and how to chant it.
  • Learning is always tailored to the individual needs of each student, and each student learns at their own pace. 


Daled & Hey - Fourth & Fifth Grade

  • A focus on learning the weekly Parsha with more depth as well as upcoming holidays
  • Students learn to read Hebrew prayer with fluency
  • A focus on connecting more deeply to Judaism and thinking about Jewish ideas more deeply


Vov & Zayen - Sixth & Seventh Grade

  • Diving deeply into the meaning behind holidays with Talmudic and historic perspectives
  • Students delve into Jewish ethics and engage in social action projects
  • Students learn the stories of the Holocaust with Jewish literature and art
  • An emphasis on Hebrew Tefillah as well as becoming more fluent in Hebrew skills


Talmud Torah Staff 

Nanci Siegel Manson

Nanci has worked at Beth El as the Director of Education since 2013.  She came to Beth El after serving 16 years as the Director of Early Childhood Education at Har Zion Congregation that was once in the Scottsdale area. During Nanci's last two years there, she also held the title of Director of the Religious School. Nanci grew up in St. Louis Mo. and is a graduate of The University of Missouri, St. Louis where she earned her degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education.  Nanci and her husband, Roy, have a blended family of 4 adult children and 1 grandson, the light of her life.  Nanci enjoys working with her staff, families, and the children in the program, developing their Jewish identity and the teachings of the Torah. Nanci lives in the Scottsdale area and enjoys the outdoors, running, reading a good book, and playing with her grandson in her free time. 

Wendy Adair

Wendy Adair has been at Beth El as assistant to the education director since 2005.  Wendy joined Beth El with her husband in 2004, and together they raised 5 children, all of whom are now adults.  Wendy has celebrated the B’Nai Mitzvahs of 4 grandchildren here at Beth El.  They have attended Beth El Preschool, and Talmud Torah, and youth group at Beth El.  A 9th  grandson was born in August and is about to begin preschool here at Beth El. The community here at Beth El feels like my family, according to Wendy.  My grandchildren have had so many exciting experiences such as attending Camp Ramah in California, which has really enhanced their Jewish pride and identity.  Wendy is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and attended Temple Beth Israel as a child.  Prior to coming to Beth El Congregation, Wendy worked as a Caseworker and Parole and Probation Officer, retiring in Eugene, Oregon, before moving back to Phoenix.  Wendy loves working for the Talmud Torah.  She enjoys all the students and their families.  Wendy will be celebrating her two 12-year-old grandchildren their B’nai Mitzvah on April 30, 2022.

Wendy Rozov

Wendy Rozov is thrilled to continue organizing and teaching adults at Beth El. She is a 20+ year resident of Phoenix, mother of 2 girls, savtah of 3 grandkids, and along with her husband of 35 years, a successful business owner in Phoenix.  She grew up in Philadelphia and is a graduate of Gratz College, Temple University, and Lehigh University.  In addition to her Beth El activities, she teaches youth and adult education in other religious and secular settings.  Her interests include poetry, Jewish themed comic books, travel, and cooking.  She loves all things Jewish (except maybe jarred gefilte fish) and is excited about bringing her passion to her classrooms.

Contact Wendy at

Roberta Harmon

Roberta is very excited to be at Beth El Congregation as the new 4th-5th grade teacher as well as the Youth and Community Engagement Coordinator. Roberta loves working with kids of all ages and also has experience working with special needs. Roberta was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Social Work. In her free time, Roberta enjoys hiking, kayaking, being in nature, all art projects, and playing with her sweet dog, Sally. Roberta has  a strong passion and love for Judaism and works to make Jewish life and events exciting for people of all ages. It is important to Roberta that we emphasize the joy in Judaism and implement living with Jewish Values. She hopes to pass along this excitement to all of the community members and children she works with and is so thankful to be able to work at Beth El Phoenix.

Michele Gusdorff 

We are fortunate to have Michele Gusdorff teaching in our Talmud Torah for 13 years.  Michele holds both a BA and MA from Temple University where she majored in Speech and Language Pathology.  She also holds a Hebrew Teacher’s Diploma from Gratz College.

In addition to many years experience as a Speech Therapist in the Philadelphia School District, Michele taught in Philadelphia area religious schools and was an active volunteer and board member at synagogues.

To contact Michele, email



Elijah is excited to begin his formal Jewish education career as Beth El’s Bogrim (8th/9th grade) teacher. Elijah was born and raised in Phoenix and received a BsEd in Secondary Education - Biology with a minor in Women + Gender Studies from Northern Arizona University. He is currently a 9th grade Biology teacher in Maryvale. Additionally, Elijah is in his 12th year as a Peer Education Coordinator at a local violence prevention non-profit: Peer Solutions. He has 3 years of experience providing care to children with disabilities and has experience teaching grades K-12. In his free time Elijah enjoys being in nature, reading, writing poetry, listening to music and spending time with his fiancee and 3 cats.

Youth Groups

USY - United Synagogue Youth

Our USY group includes post b'nai mitzvah students and meets twice a month (virtually at the moment) to do fun activities, mitzvah projects, and to socialize with other Jewish teens. See a few of our event photos below!



Our Kadima youth group is for kids who are approaching b'nai mitzvah age to meet once a month (virtually at the moment) to do fun activities, mitzvah projects, and to socialize with other Jewish kids. See a few of our event photos below!


Office: (602) 944-3359 ext. 123 | Email:

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Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783