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Overview of Talmud Torah Hebrew School

The Talmud Torah Religious School and Youth Groups provide students with opportunities to learn, pray, and socialize with other Jewish students at Beth El Congregation. Beth El Youth are encouraged through these activities to create a synagogue-based community of their own outside the classroom. At Beth El we recognize that informal learning and socializing outside of class-time is as important as the formal structured classroom and the Beth El youth and education experience presents many such opportunities. We follow the guidelines of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in our Talmud Torah Hebrew School curriculum and Youth Group programs.

The curriculum at Beth El’s Talmud Torah Hebrew School integrates Hebrew and Judaic subjects. Talmud Torah students study both Hebrew and Judaica during each of their class days as well as joining together for Tefillah (prayers). Our Hebrew curriculum focuses on Shabbat morning and Friday evening prayer services but introduces Modern Hebrew vocabulary for simple conversation and as part of general classroom direction. There are many components that comprise our study of Jewish history, holidays, Israel, God, mitzvot, ritual, values, Torah, Hebrew, and prayer. None of these subjects can be studied alone.  They all overlap and are enmeshed!

Framework for Excellence

Beth El Talmud Torah is proud to be a United Synagogue Framework for Excellence School.  Beth El Online has been recognized by the Jewish Educator’s Assembly.

We are grateful for the support of the Jewish Community Association of Greater Phoenix for their support of our Beth El Online Initiative.

Support from the Council for Jews with Special Needs allows Talmud Torah to continue to meet the needs of all our students.

We thank the Legacy Heritage Fund for granting us a smartboard and providing our teachers with training in its use.

The Education and Youth Department at Beth El actively engages all types of learners  utilizing a variety of materials and approaches inside and outside the classroom. Our computer lab and special needs programs help us to provide individualized instruction for enrichment and remediation. In addition to Beth El’s twice a week religious school (meeting on Sundays and Wednesday afternoons) with classes for Pre-K through high school, Beth El proudly offers a wonderful educational and dynamic opportunity for families with infants through Pre-K children as well at our Preschool.