Special Programs

Beth El’s Talmud Torah Hebrew School offers special programs for all students of all ages to learn and participate in our enriching curriculum.

Sunday School

Sunday School image


Students in 1st grade and younger are invited to join our new Sunday School class led by Nicki Lasky (current Beth El preschool teacher). The Sunday School program will include fun, educational, interactive, Judaic and Hebrew studies. The children will learn through arts and crafts, music, stories, games, and other teacher-led activities. This is a wonderful way to continue fostering your child’s Jewish identity here at Beth El’s Talmud Torah.


 Online Distance Learning Class


Beth El’s Talmud Torah Hebrew School offers a Skype class on Wednesday afternoons for those who cannot make it to Hebrew School on a weeknight. Students are grouped based on ability into 20-minute sessions led by an instructor. All that is required to participate is a computer with a webcam and microphone abilities.

If you would like to participate in this session, please contact Nanci Siegel Manson at 602.944.3359 ext. 123 to sign up.

Special Needs

Having a Special Needs program at Beth El Congregation is something we all feel strongly about. We are grateful to receive grants from the Council for Jews with Special Needs for their support of our on-going efforts to meet the needs of our Special Needs population. We are fortunate to have congregational and community support in the development and continuity of the program. Our teachers are committed and eager to refine their classroom skills to meet the needs of all of the students.

We are privileged to have a classroom teacher on staff, Michele Gusdorff, with many years of experience, teaching Special Needs students in the Philadelphia area. If a child has a special need, she will work with other classroom teachers to make sure those needs are being met and addressed in class. She also reviews any IEPs coming from a child’s secular school to see how we can meet the goals identified in the IEPs and utilize the tools it suggests for successfully addressing that child’s needs.